Steamboat Anthony Wayne located! Believed to be the oldest steamboat sunk in Lake Erie. Found with side scan sonar in September, 2006. Recent dives confirm the identity of a side wheel passenger steamboat.


The Nineties are now complete! All forty 1990 - 1999 Inlands Seas journals.

              The Inland Seas Archival Collection, Nineties Edition is now available.

One of the Great Lakes most valuable sources of historical information from The Great Lakes Historical Society. Ships, schooners, barges and sailors of our past in fascinating stories of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario including shipwreck and survival. Keep up to date on the latest developments in Ohio's underwater preserve efforts on the Features Page. An all new Side Scan Sonar page has also been added detailing survey information and underwater discoveries. Follow the activities of the US Revenue Cutter ERIE as she executes her duties on Lake Erie from 1833 - 1846


Inland Seas Archival Collection is currently in need of the following Journals to complete the reference collection.

1945 January 1946 January 1948 Winter
1949 Spring 1949 Summer 1950 Spring
1950 Fall 1951 Fall 1951 Winter
1952 Winter 1953 Spring 1953 Summer
1953 Fall 1953 Winter 1954 Spring
1954 Summer 1954 Fall 1954 Winter
1955 Winter 1957 Spring 1957 Summer
1957 Fall 1958 Fall 1958 Winter
1966 Fall    


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In addition to the volumes listed above, we will accept all of your old, unwanted journals, partial or complete collections and single issues. The Great Lakes Historical Society no longer accepts or offers these back issues.

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