Sch. Lake Serpent located! Oldest shipwreck in Lake Erie.

Tank barge Argo discovered! Mystery of sinking solved as the barge lies upright and intact on the lake bottom.

Steamboat Anthony Wayne located! Believed to be the oldest steamboat sunk in Lake Erie.


The Nineties are now complete! All forty 1990 - 1999 Inlands Seas journals.

              The Inland Seas Archival Collection, Nineties Edition is now available.

One of the Great Lakes most valuable sources of historical information from The Great Lakes Historical Society. Ships, schooners, barges and sailors of our past in fascinating stories of Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario including shipwreck and survival. Keep up to date on the latest developments in Ohio's underwater preserve efforts on the Features Page. An all new Side Scan Sonar page has also been added detailing survey information and underwater discoveries. Follow the activities of the US Revenue Cutter ERIE as she executes her duties on Lake Erie from 1833 - 1846

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Delivered on CD-ROM, each edition of Inland Seas ARCHIVAL COLLECTION, presents all the Quarterly Journals of the Great Lakes Historical Society by decade. The Forties, Fifties, Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and Nineties are complete.  Limited time special offer.... start your collection with the Forties for only $39.95. Order now.

Great Lakes Historical Society

Inland Seas is an illustrated quarterly journal devoted to Great Lakes History and the promotion of the interests of the Society. The journal was first published in January 1945, and continue to the present.

Go beyond paper and explore the new world of electronic documents. Inland Seas Archival Collection lets you access the Quarterly Journals of the Great Lakes Historical Society in fully searchable form, a wealth of information - from your desktop - discover this entirely new way of working. Easy to use, FULLY SEARCHABLE text makes this a convenient tool to browse, read or research for specific information. Each CD-ROM also includes online documentation for fast, easy answers to your questions. Plus, a simple and quick installation guide for getting started that is full of additional help information.

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This sample is the first issue of the Inland Seas published by the Great Lakes Historical Society in January, 1945. There are four journals published quarterly each year. The Archival Collection is assembled by decades, forty journals on each CD-ROM. Currently available are: Forties, Fifties, Sixties, Seventies, Eighties and Nineties. CD-ROM's are available directly from Lake Electronics or by contacting the Great Lakes Historical Society 480 Main St. Vermilion, Ohio 44089.

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Priced at only $49.95 per decade, this is less than $2.00 per issue! (The forties did not begin publication until 1945) Most of these journals are no longer in print and the early editions are difficult if not impossible to find. Get your complete collection, including all the photographs in this fabulous CD-ROM format. These CD-ROM versions of the original documents are reproduced in exacting detail. The format, style, layout, graphics and text are EXACTLY as they appeared in the original journals. Every detail has been painstakingly preserved so that what you see on the electronic version is identical to the paper version.

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